Margherita POW: White Out Over Navy Saturday

Outfit Mission Statement: Be put together and carefree in your sundress by adding layers and accessories in a variety of whites

Play Day Saturday are clothes for taking your kids to the park, running errands, talking your dog for a walk, shopping, picnicking, traveling, going to a museum or a zoo—out and about or home having fun clothes. These are the clothes you often live the best parts of your life in! The POW (Piece of the Week) the cabi Spring 2016 Margherita Dress. This look says outdoor craft fair, festival, farmer’s market, antiquing, or going to a museum to me. It’s cool, comfortable, and versatile.  It’s something you can easily dress up or down, and the addition of the cardigan makes it good for changing temperatures.

This outfit also has a put-together look, but one that is really easy to put together! The mixed whites cardigan, cream purse, taupe shoes, and white belt, give it a more polished and complete look because of all the white pieces. It creates a good consistency. The easy part is these various whites items do not need to be the same white. In fact, it is trendier right now to mix whites (check out Plume POW: Whites Out Saturday for more on this trend). By mixing multiple whites, it gives outfits a more carefree feel, which is a nice mixed with the polish and put togetherness it also creates. Why not be polished, put together, trendy, and carefree? Then just add a subtle touch of a contrasting color to the sundress, and you have a fun yet polished play day outfit!



  • For a trendy styling of your sundress, add layers and accessories in line with either the summer black out or white out trends
  • When adding white to an outfit, remember they do not have to all be the same type of white, you can mix together a bunch of various whites for a more carefree and trendy approach
  • When your outfit is two main colors, consider adding a subtle contrasting color in your jewelry for a bit of sophisticated fun
  • To create a more hourglass figure (especially with a boxy cardigan or jacket), belt your sundress—this works especially well with a white belt on a darker dress (as here) or black on a lighter dress
  • Add some funny strappy gladiator style flat sandals for a casual, comfortable, and trendy touch
  • Feel free to mix a print dress with a print handbag, especially when either is a neutral print (and yes, the leather cutout pattern on the handbag counts as a print)


Outfit Breakdown:


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